Train the Trainer

GACC Pittsburgh Chapter Apprenticeship - CAD CAM Designer


Based on the German Gold Standard "Ausbildung der Ausbilder,” and the German system of workforce training, our Train-the-Trainer workshop develops skilled workers into mentors and vision leaders.

Leadership, Mentorship, Managment, Communications,

last updated Oct 16, 2023


This seminar uses the German Apprenticeship Model as a foundation for a structured mentorship method, which integrates with all aspects of your work. Successful participants will gain lasting leadership skills that they will pass on to everyone around them.

This unique leadership program is designed to develop and advance mentoring skills across industries and job functions and was specifically designed to make apprenticeships successful. However, even if your company does not participate in our Apprenticeship Program yet, employees, who are training and mentoring other and/or younger employees, can benefit from this 3-day workshop. Doing and teaching are distinct skills, and an expert is not always a great teacher. Even when the conditions for learning are great in a company, if trainers don’t have practical tools and techniques on hand to transfer their knowledge, a huge amount of money and resources can be wasted. Trainers need practical skills to transfer their knowledge and ensure effective learning - and that is where Train the Trainer comes into play.

Whether you send your production manager, a project coordinator, or a supervisor, you will find meaningful tools to build cooperation, leadership, and accountability in your team.This workshop is designed to help potential trainers communicate and train more effectively.

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