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GACC Pre-apprentices typically are high schoolers who are keen to explore a career in manufacturing that is aligned with one of GACC's Registered Apprenticeships.


The Pre-Apprenticeship program is designed to prepare students to enter and succeed in registered Apprenticeship programs. The program gives high school students a paid internship opportunity to get hands-on experience at a company, and receive an industry recognized certificate (e.g. MT1 from the MS Institute).


Pre-apprentices can - upon completion - accelerate into one of our four Registered Apprenticeship programs, or enter the workforce with high-demand technical skills.


It helped a lot meeting the people in the workplace and being around and starting to understand so much cool equipment. I will become a full apprentice with this company and I will continue my education here in Pittsburgh because of the quality of the program.

Evan Orienza



Thanks to the program I have become a better test taker, and overall a better problem solver. The program showed me what a real career could possibly look like, and what I may want to do with my future.

Ben Thomas


Stellar Precision

I have met so many amazing and talented individuals who have taught me so much about the workforce and life in general. Moreover, I have developed a tremendous amount of soft skills such as communication and collaboration. I have also gained a lot of hard skills and knowledge on the machinery and basic operations of a manufacturing facility.

Melina Vandenberg



For Employers & Educators

Reach out to the GACC Pittsburgh Chapter team today to discover how your company can participate in our program.

For Career Seekers

Apply now for our Pre-Apprenticeship program and kickstart your career journey today.

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