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Based on the German system of workforce training, Train the Trainer develops skilled workers into mentors and vision leaders.  This seminar uses the German Apprenticeship Model as a foundation for a structured mentorship method, which integrates with all aspects of your work.  Successful participants will gain lasting leadership skills that they will pass on to everyone around them.

This unique leadership program is designed to develop and advance mentoring skills across industries and job functions.  Whether you're a line manager, a project coordinator, or a supervisor, you will find meaningful tools to build cooperation, leadership, and accountability in your team. 

The training is eligible for WEDnet funding reimbursement!

Dates: SPRING 2024 - March 18-25

Time: 09.30 - 12.00

Location: Zoom

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Trainer Testimonials

After the workshop I have a much better understanding of our apprenticeships and how our HR team can support them. I learned a great deal about different types of training techniques and how much more impactful some are than others.

Mindy Wilson

HR Manager

Veka Inc.

I'm feeling much more confident in making a plan for my apprentice and furthermore confident that I can teach more efficiently and have my apprentice learning in an organized manner.

Natalie Benson

Level 3 Operator

Veka Inc.

I have met so many amazing and talented individuals who have taught me so much about the workforce and life in general. Moreover, I have developed a tremendous amount of soft skills such as communication and collaboration. I have also gained a lot of hard skills and knowledge on the machinery and basic operations of a manufacturing facility.

Melina Vandenberg



For Employers & Educators

Reach out to the GACC Pittsburgh Chapter team today to discover how your company can participate in our program.

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