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Without Debt

Jumpstart your Career

Looking for a hands-on career with great pay?

With a combination of on-the-job training at an employer and college classroom instruction, our award-winning Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeships are a proven  pathway to a fulfilling employment and career success.

Our "Learn while your Earn" concept will guarantee employment with a college degree without the tremendous burden of the tuition price tag.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship Program

At the end of the program, GACC apprentices are likely to be more experienced and employable than other students their age without any college debt.

  • Guaranteed employment from the start

  • Competitive and increasing Wage schedules 

  • College Certifications and Associate Degree

  • Mentorship Program at company

  • Hands-on, real-life work experience

  • Consulting and support throughout the program

Join our Apprenticeship Program!

We offer five different occupations that are anchored in manufacturing and tech.

Looking for a new career 

Join our Pre-Apprenticeship Program!

Developed for High Schoolers who are keen to explore a career in manufacturing through a paid internship and relevant classroom training.

Still in High School?

The average annual salary for an Apprentice upon completion is


Apprentice graduates earn more than

over their lifetime than their non-apprentice peers.


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