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The German
Apprenticeship Model

Dual Education Employer-Driven

Skills Development

Learn & Earn

Apprenticeship programs offer comprehensive training through a combination of on-the-job experience at an employer and technical courses at a college. Participants earn industry-recognized credentials and certificates upon completion, providing valuable skills and qualifications for their chosen field.

94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship program retain employment with their company

From the fact sheet

Apprentice graduates earn more than $300,000 over their lifetime than their non-apprentice peers.

From the fact sheet

The average annual salary for an Apprentice upon completion is $77,000.

Industry 4.0

Job Skills for Everyone

The manufacturing industry in particular is currently facing challenges such as:

  • The loss of skilled workers due to retirements (baby boomer generation).

  • Structural problems in the education system (student debt, low attractiveness of careers in manufacturing).

  • A high degree of flexibility in the US labor market. This contributes to the fact that the duration of employment of trained specialists in companies is much shorter compared to Germany: employees in the USA are much quicker prepared to change jobs.

We offer five different occupations that are anchored in manufacturing and tech. With the "Earn and Learn" concept will guarantee employment with a college degree without the burden of the tuition price tag. 

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